Новая версия нигерийского спама. не ржать!

Hello Dear.

My name is Miss Naya M Makhlouf I am 19yrs Old girl from Syrian, I am the only child of Hassan Mohammed Makhlouf, who was a business man and deals in Crude oil and gold and who was killed in 2012 and by all investigation it was planned by my uncle ( Mr Rami Makhlouf) who took over all his wealth and became the richest man in syria and with the help of his friend president of Syria .My father was secretly killed with my mother here in Syrian and the case closed till today which forced me to flee for my life.

I am contacting you to help me claim Diamonds and Gold Valued at Over $35M USD which my late father deposited in a safe keeping house before his death. Because of the war here, I cannot travel or leave here which also the boarders are closed now because of the area I am in now in Syria.

Please I will like you to assist me in claiming the Diamonds and Gold in the safe keeping house, Sell it, help me leave here to a safer country and help me invest my share of it as I am ready to give you 60% of the total value for your assistance. I want to assure you that you will not regret helping me.
I thank you and hope to hear from you soon

Miss Naya M Makhlouf
Tags: Смешное, события в Сирии

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